Your home smart devices
are spying on you.

Protect your family with Off Hours.

Sometimes the answer to high-tech problems is a simple, low-tech solution.

Smart Devices Spy

Smart home devices are:

Always connected

Always sensing

Always reporting

We give them permission when we accepted the manufacturers Terms and Conditions. The information they collect is then sold to third parties.

We only use smart devices SOME of the time, but they use us ALL of the time.

Keeping the network off and smart devices disconnected when they’re not needed restores some balance between how much we use these devices, to how much we’re being used.

Smart Home Devices

Consumers are wary of the connected devices in their homes.

In a recent study by Business Wire, “73% of consumers think people using connected devices should worry about eavesdropping,” and “63% of consumers think connected devices are ‘creepy’ in the way they collect data about people and their behaviors.”
1 %
Should Worry about eavesdropping
1 %
think data collection is creepy

Off Hours is simple to use and installs in minutes.

Off Hours shifts your network from:

Always ON to Normally OFF

OFF when it's not needed

The cellular appliance unplugs your WiFi when you don't require connection to the internet. No network, no spying.

Compatible with all WiFi Routers

Simply unplug your router from the wall and plug it into the Off Hours appliance.

How it Works:


Auto ON / OFF features and easy manual control

  • Automatic shutdown when your’re away from home. The system automatically turns the network back on when you get close to home, (about 1 mile), so the network is fully up and running when you walk through the door.
  • Automatic shutdown when you’re sleeping
  • A simple means to turn the network on or off with your smartphone whether you’re home or away

Easily Take Control

You control the balance between your use of the devices...and their use of you. Entirely based on your schedule.

The graphic above illustrates how little the network is actually needed in an average home. In initial field trials, users of the Off Hours system reduced their exposure to smart device spying by nearly 80%.
“Alexa, it’s Off Hours”
When you are home but not requiring access to the internet, Off Hours provides a simple means to turn the network OFF by using your smartphone, pressing the button on the appliance, or by asking your smart speaker.

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You give up your privacy when we accept the manufacturers Terms & Conditions (EULA). You take it back when you disconnected the device from the network.



When devices are not connected to the internet that can't spy and they can't be hacked.



Exercise ultimate control over your home network and make Family time, Homework time and Bedtime all Off Hours.

Why unplug the network?

Right now, you’re paying with your data, but you don’t know the price.”
For those that must purchase Smart TVs, researchers recommend users plug their TV into a power strip so they can cut the power when its not in use."
There is a new truism for our era: If something can connect to the internet, it collects data."
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Regardless of whether you want privacy or quality time spent with those around you, your home should be your sanctuary.
Why don’t you choose when it’s your Off Hours.