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Finding unique applications where mobile and wireless technologies can enhance personal privacy, security, and give us piece of mind.

At MobileM2M we believe that technology should conform to the consumers lifestyle, not the other way around. Smart home devices can bring a lot of utility and convenience into our lives. Before we can use these devices, we’re forced to agree to the manufacturers end user license agreement, or EULA. EULA’s are typically 30+ pages of legalese. What we’re agreeing to isn’t clear because it’s not meant to be. That’s why we developed Off Hours. When you’re done using your devices, you decide when they are done using you…when you make it Off Hours.
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Bernie Crump


MobileM2M was founded in April 2016 by Bernie Crump in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Prior to this Bernie was Director, M2M Sales at Telular Corporation from October 2008 – 2015. He was responsible for global sales of M2M systems designed to dramatically increase supply chain efficiencies in bulk product distribution applications using cellular IoT telemetry tied to TankLink, a hosted software solution. He was previously VP Sales and Marketing at SupplyNet Communications (acquired by Telular), from 2005 – 2009. He spent 25 years with Norand Corporation, which was acquired by Intermec Technologies, (now Honeywell). Bernie graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a degree in Electrical Engineering.


From smart TV’s to DVR’s to your gaming console; every device on your network that can observe some aspect of your life will package that information and sell it.


Inexpensive smart home devices have weak security by design. Good security costs money, delays product release, and adds complexity for the end user to deal with. These devices make attractive targets for hackers. Limiting the availability of the device through Off Hours makes them much less desirable and useful to hackers.

Piece of Mind

You should have an expectation of absolute privacy in your home. We give up some of that privacy when we invite smart connected devices into our homes. We take that privacy back when we separate them from the internet. When the network is off, smart home devices can’t spy – it’s that simple.
“Every kid in our neighborhood knows our network credentials because my kids have told them. I’m concerned about how my network might be used; for liability reasons and I really don’t want to be part of the problem.”