515,000 Leaked Passwords

This story in ZD Net reports that passwords for over a half a million servers, WiFi routers and smart home devices where leaked by the hacker that found them.

This is how hackers enlist devices in a bot-net. Bot-nets can be used by hackers or rented out to do harm. In 2019 about 250,000 were used to shut down the internet in the North Eastern US. For most people, their home WiFi router and all the connected devices are always on-line and always available. Hackers find devices in your home by writing programs that scan the internet for them, and once located they try to log-on using the manufacturers default user credentials. If the default credentials fail it try’s guessing common passwords until it gets it.

A recent study shows how many people understand what needs to be done to secure their network and devices and how few actually do. Some devices force the end user to change the password, but people tend to pick one that are easy for them to remember- and easy to guess. In a blatant attempt to embarrass some of those people, here is a list of the 50 most common passwords for 2019… see if any of these look familiar:

#50 ginger
#48 121212
#46 nothing
#44 passw0rd
#42 987654321
#40 secret
#38 letmein
#36 football
#34 donald
#32 777777
#30 sunshine
#28 333333
#26 666666
#24 password1
#22 princess
#19 7777777
#17 555555
#15 qwertyuiop
#13 1q2w3e4r
#11 abc123
#9 111111
#7 12345
#5 1234567
#3 qwerty
#1 123456

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