Smartphone Spyware: How your devices can be used against you

This article “How to spy on my husband’s cell phone without touching it” is wrong on so many levels it’s hard to pick a place to begin my critique. In short, the author is suggesting that wives should install spyware on their husband’s phones if they suspect there is something going on in their spouse’s life that they should know about.

It is such bad advice that I could end my comments there, but the author goes on to list a number of spyware packages and highly recommends mSpy. mSpy is part of a genre of spyware programs that all promise similar results; to enable you to access the target phone to read messages (included deleted messages), view visited websites and obtain the stored user credentials, access to their social media accounts, and GPS location records. Perhaps the most offensive feature is the ability to turn on the microphone of the target phone for remote monitoring. Awful…right?

The manufacturers package there apps as parental tools to track the activity of their kids. That sounds somewhat noble, but it appears that all the applications also target suspicious wives / partners with the prospect of catching their cheating significant other.

It worth noting that McAfee flags all these sites as risky for keylogging and spam potential. Perusing the review sites shows a lot of disgruntled customers. It’s hard to say if the dissatisfaction comes from crappy software products or technology challenged end users. I do know that Google (Android) and Apple (iOS), are making it increasingly difficult for these types of programs to play.

The purpose of this article is less about bad software for misguided people than it is about reminding all of us of the potential of our devices to work against us. This is about smartphones, but it the argument holds true for all connected devices – from smart home gadgets to your smart watch.

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