Opting out of monitoring programs: is there reason to trust the manufactures?

“Nobody’s listening… we promise”

Mozilla has put together a guide for you to change your privacy settings on voice assistants. They’ve been doing some very good work bringing awareness to the issue of data privacy and smart devices in their series Privacy Not Included. It’s been well reported that manufacturers of devices with microphones have been using humans to listen to recording made by the devices – ostensibly for quality improvement reasons. Here’s is the guide on opting out of those programs: How to opt out of human review of your voice assistant recordings. It’s certainly worth doing.

Manufactures promise to stop the practice with every news piece that exposes them; but can they be trusted to really stop? And how do we know that they won’t restart the practices when the attention wanes?

Here’s our recommendation; opt out of the data collection programs whenever you see the option to do so, but then limit your exposure to being monitored by keeping the devises disconnected from the internet when you aren’t using them.  Off Hours makes it easy.

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