Off means Off.


A cellular smart switch that turns your WiFi network off when it’s not needed.

Indicates when your WiFi router is broadcasting. 

Indicates when your router is connected to the internet

Indicates that your home has power and the appliance is plugged in.

Indicates that the cellular connection is good and the appliance is connected to our cloud service.

The appliance controls your network by unplugging your WiFi router. Simply plug the appliance into the wall, then plug your WiFi router into the appliance. The appliance automatically unplugs your router when you’re sleeping or away. When your home the network is on until you decide that it’s Off Hours.

Mobile Application

A simple mini-dashboard that tells you the status of the network and alerts you to changes.

Off Hours Switch

Switch the network ON when you need it, OFF when you don't. Whether your're at home or away.

Indicators / Alerts

Receive notification when the network turns ON or OFF, how it was triggered and by who. The system also lets you know when your WiFi is up, and when the router is successfully connected to the internet.

Appliance Selector

The application supports as many appliances as you have locations. Home, small business, vacation home, rental properties, et..

Web Portal

Systems Administration and Command Hub



Off Hours Product Unit
The internet is not a kid friendly place to play.