First, create your account:

  •  Log into the Off Hours portal using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Click “Sign Up” and create a user account

You can enter your email address and create a password, or you can authenticate through Facebook*.

If you use your email, a test email will be sent to that address with a link to verify that the email address was entered correctly.

* If you choose the Facebook option, we ask Facebook for no additional information about you.

Next you’ll move your appliance into the newly created account by entering in the serial number and it’s location:

  • Enter your appliance serial number at the portal

The serial number is can be found on the side of the appliance.
It’s important to enter the physical address where the appliance will be located. This is the location that the system will make the center of the geofence.

Setup your subscription service

After entering the appliance serial number you’ll be taken to the main dashboard. 

Press the Purchase Service button to activate the account.

The appliance comes live on the cellular network and with 30 days of service.

When you purchase service you’ll be billed after the initial 30 days unless you decide to cancel.
Pick a plan and enter your credit card information

Billing can be monthly, quarterly, or annual (annual is least expensive), and you can cancel at any time.

After entering your credit card info you’ll be returned to the dashboard. The geofence and system status boxes will be populated once the appliance is on-line.

When you return to the dashboard you will be able to see the geofence and system status of the appliance. The system is now live. 

The next step is to prepare your appliance.